Sunday, November 14, 2010

Acid Attack Victim Needs RM100,000 to Regain Eyesight

A former factory worker, Azri Abdullah, 42, from Taman Tunku Putra in Kulim had to withstand suffering from injuries throughout his body after being a victim of burns from acid splashed by his own mother and younger brother in December last year.

The incident has caused him to lose his eyesight as the acid burns had covered up his eyelids and disfigured his face and the front part of his body.

Azri who is in Kuala Lumpur to undergo plastic surgery in University Malaya Specialist Centre told Malaysian Digest that sometimes he cries because of the unbearable pain whenever his skin is exposed to heat from the sun. The injuries has also made limits his movements especially when he turns his head as the skin on his neck has been badly burned from the acid attack.

Azri, is also unable to work because of the pain and his blindness.

What is even worse, his family has ignored him since the incident happened and now he is only depending on three close friends to look after him. One of his friends had quit his job to take care of Azri while another had taken an unpaid leave.

Md Dori Osman who is originally from Kelantan said he decided to quit his job at a factory in Prai because he sympathizes with Azri and the misfortune that had befallen his close friend.

According to Azri, the unfortunate incident happened around December last year when he went to his family house to discuss some misunderstanding between family members.

He was in a coma for two months before waking up to a worse nightmare.

“The incident happened in Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang. As soon as I was splashed with acid, I felt an intense heat on my whole body and my face,” Azri told MD in an interview at writer Al Jafree’s residence in Titiwangsa where Azri and his friends are currently staying.

“Not long after that, my situation became more severe and I was admitted to hospital for treatment and I’m still suffering,” said Azri.

He said the incident has forced him to quit his job at the factory in Butterworth and has moved to Kulim to stay with his friends.

“Now I’m staying with three friends, Md Dori Osman, Shahrel Mohd Ali and Shahrul Jamal Kamel. They have taken the responsibility to manage my food and beverage,” said Azri.

He added that he is lucky to have great friends who are willing to sacrifice just to take care of him that is now has become disabled.

His friend, Shahrul said a physician at the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar told them that there are no hopes for Azri to regain his sight though they had recently consulted Pusat Pakar Mata Kuala Lumpur recently.

“The expert in Pusat Pakar Mata Kuala Lumpur told us that Azri’s right eye can still work,” said Shahrul.

“But the problem is we did not have enough money to pay for the surgery. To do such operation we need more than RM100,000 to restore his eyesight and surgery on his face and body,” he added.

Those who want to help Azri can do so by donating money through Azri’s RHB Bank account: 10702800602905 or call Dori at 012-542 3190 or Shahrul at 012-577 2130.

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