Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facts about Selangor Water Issues

Did you know that……
  • We could be paying 100% more in 2015!!!!Syabas wanted tariff to increase 37% in 2009, 25% in 2012 and 20% in 2015 through the Concession agreement approved by the Federal Government in 2005.
  • The CEO of Syabas, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, Treasurer of Selangor Umno is paid RM5.1 million a year or RM425,000 a month or RM16,346 a day
  • Syabas imported RM375 million worth of pipes from an Indonesian company owned by Tan Sri Rozali Ismail instead of sourcing locally in June 2005
  • More than 72% of contracts, worth RM600 million in total, was awarded through direct negotiation, not open tender process.
  • Between 2005-2007, RM325 million could not account for between Syabas public accounts and the records of contracts.
  • RM51.2 million, 120% more than RM 23.2 million approved by Jabatan Kawalselia Air Selangor (JKAS), spent on Syabas office renovation.
  • The profits of Puncak Niaga, the holding company of Syabas has dropped from RM364.5 million in 2005 to RM21.57 million in 2008!
  • Total debts of the Selangor water privatized companies is RM6.4 billion to-date but has been paying dividends to their shareholders amounting to more than RM700 million to-date.
  • In December 2009, the Federal Government has given a RM320.8 million back-loaded interest free unsecured soft loan to Puncak Niaga, the holding company of Syabas to settle their debts.
  • The Federal Government are looking into another billion bailout of Syabas end of this year!!!

Source: airuntukrakyat

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