Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MP DAP Dakwa Tiada Notis Rasmi Boikot Taklimat Parlimen

Media Statement
Er Teck Hwa
Member of Parliament for Bakri


Pakatan Rakyat Leadership Council decided to boycott parliamentary briefing as a symbolic gesture to show the pact’s seriousness in its push for electoral reforms, my attendance today in Parliment has
greatly became center of attention to the media.

The news of boycott had been spread through the media since last week, and including suggestion to boycott sworn in on 24th June and I am well informed of the situation.

Nevertheless I did not receive any official notice either through SMS and email from Central Committee.

Normally all instructions from PR Leadership Council will be given in two methods.i.e. SMS and email, Otherwise it will not be treated as an order and it is up to an individual to make his/her dicision.

Right after the Parliamentery briefing, I was asked by the media regarding my attendance, I have immediately double checked with DAP Central Commitee and confirmed that the notice had been sent out last week.

But since I have not received any SMS from Center Committee regarding this particular order, and this particular email message had been missed out, I have decided to attend this briefing to understand the latest regulation and information in order to carry out my duty as an people's Representative.

This is my mistake for not thouroughly going through all the messages and email for this specific order to boycott today's briefing and stirring up more controversy on current political scenario, I would like to express my most sincere apologies for my inappropriate actions and humbly accept any dicspline action that might be taken against me.

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