Friday, December 25, 2009

To "Potong" or Not? Streamyx vs P1 Wimax

by Aidil Syukri

Since P1 Wimax came out with their aggressive (and some say controversial) advertising campaign recently, I fell for the temptation to take a look at the service being offered by the company. The word potong (cut) was certainly what caught many attention among Malaysians, me included.

It’s not the advertising war between P1 Wimax and Streamyx that I want to highlight here but the service. Does P1 Wimax live up to its reputation? I realise that there are many arguments and comparisons between the two internet services so I am not going to add to the arguments, but this is my point of view.

I was a P1 Wimax subscriber sometime in January this year. I actually subscribed to it by chance since there was a promotion going on near my place. The promotion allowed me to try the P1 modem for 15 days free of charge and I could return it if I was not completely satisfied with the service. During the trial period, I was really satisfied with the coverage but unfortunately, after my first bill arrived, I found out that the internet speed was slow even when the indicator was displaying good signal reception. Sometimes the coverage would suddenly cut off while I’m online. Because of that, I decided to discontinue my subscription.

As for Streamyx, I used to subscribe to the service when I was still in school. At that time I was not quite satisfied with it. My only problem then was that the connection slowed down whenever I stayed connected for a long time. So, I decided to terminate my Streamyx subscription.

However, today I’m back at using Streamyx, courtesy of my brother. I feel that Streamyx has certainly improved from the first time I subscribed to it. I am now connected at 536MB per second at my place in Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam. I think TM has certainly improved a lot since my last experience with them.

I am not sure if P1 Wimax is available in my area, but I will stick to Streamyx. Testing a new service can be a bit of a hassle for me. On top of that, Streamyx service also comes with free telephone which is a bonus for me and my brother!

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